A book “Out of the box”

A tool to reinvent yourself and transform your life.

Manage your emotions to be at Peace in any situation.

Discover your Great Potential. Live with certainty and security, without fear,

in a world of uncertainty.

Flip It Over - An Empowering Philosoph

You will discover how to Flip Over in your mind the circumstances you don't like in order to live more fully.

You will learn to manage your emotions to maintain peace in any situation in life.

You will train creative faculties such as imagination to connect with your inner power source. 

You will open your mind to different points of view to find solutions to problems and challenges, transforming adverse situations into opportunities.

You will transform your life by creating conscious habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors to take control of your life.

You will know how to live with certainty and security in a world of uncertainty.

Every day you will feel better and you will live more in peace..

You will improve your way of living in a non-invasive, subtle and enjoyable way, without feeling resistance, at your own pace.

You will enjoy a creative and innovative experience to break patterns, unlearn and discover your great potential.

You will apply simple and powerful exercises in your daily routine in a natural way to change any situation that you do not like, be it personal or work.

A transformative experience

What will you find?

More than a book, it is an interactive experience that breaks patterns from the beginning. You will start reading backwards and you will walk outside your comfort zone in a fun and entertaining way.


You will learn to be in full awareness of your thoughts,and you will lead your imagination at your own peace and in your own style feeling empowered in the face of those unforeseen situations that knock on your door, flip ping them over in a natural way.

FLIP IT OVER is a Philosophy of Life that will Transform your Existence 

You will learn to be aware of your thoughts and guide your imagination at your own pace and with your own style. You will feel empowered in the face of those unforeseen situations that knock on your door, turning them around naturally.


Today we live in a world of great uncertainty, we do not clearly know where this world is going, how it is going to behave, if we are going to have a job, what the financial situation is going to be, etc.


Each chapter of this powerful tool focuses on a different challenge to train your mind, guide it and align it to your desired end, so that no matter what the circumstance is, you know that you will be fine, bringing peace and tranquility to your life, what we now define as Happiness

About the author

Beatriz Bron Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences, businesswoman, high-impact speaker and international facilitator specialized in emotional leadership and phototherapy.

It has been developed supporting human capital to overcome adversity both at a personal and business level in this world of constant change.

Their goal is to help reinvent themselves by providing resources for everyone to find their source of personal power for their own transformation.

The Flip It Over book is a tool that integrates the experiences and knowledge derived from his life and professional career. A creative and methodical compilation of the dynamics and exercises tested in hundreds of people and organizations, which work successfully to transform, take control of your life and live more in peace.


Adquiriere el libro “Dale Vuelta” en versión física o digital.


Designed in full color with incredible illustrations designed so that each one helps you reflect and achieve the best results. 

Carefully chosen paper so you can enjoy each page sensorially.

Spiral bound so you can read and write more comfortably.

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"Life is not what happens to us but what we do with what happens to us."

Beatriz Bron S.