I was born in Costa Rica, graduated in Israel with a degree in Behavioral Sciences.


After working for several years as a Welfare Worker, the Universe introduced me to the High Security Business and moved me back to Costa Rica as a representative of Mul T Lock.


For almost 30 years, as owner I served as CEO, CFO, HR and was in charge of marketing the company along with my ex.


Everything was fine with me. I lived locking doors and padlocks, selling locks to make people feel safe.


My life was turned upside down...


From a World of Closing doors, padlocks and locks to make people feel safe....


To a World of Opening minds, hearts and opportunities for people to feel safe.


And what happened?


Just when I was about to take off with big projects and take the business to another level, after having reeled and crossed the road, metaphorically they happened....


A "HURRICANE" - A terrible and traumatic divorce where I also lost my business.


A "TORNADO" - A high voltage pole fell on my car and almost killed me. Luckily it only reset my brain (like a computer) and after 3 weeks I recovered most of my memory although some files probably disappeared. However what really happened was that it changed my energy. It slowed me down...


A "STORM" - A criminal trial, then my dad passed away, then my mom, family lawsuits....


And as we know "After the storm, the sun rises".


By chance I came to a course of the "Points of You" methodology. I felt strange, I started to connect with myself, to accept adversities as opportunities to grow. By changing my Point of View, I knew the feeling of being calm, quiet, peaceful, without chaos. I learned to Simply Be.


After all these experiences the Universe returned me after 33 years to my vocation: Behavioral Sciences.


Today I am grateful for having learned to turn difficult situations around by finding an easy, light and positive way to live my life on another level.


I reinvented myself to help you reinvent yourself.





"after the storm the sun comes out".